Maggie's Centre Lanarkshire

Private Garden

Working with Reiach and Hall Architects we are designing the landscape and gardens for the proposed Maggie's Cancer Care Centre at Monklands General Hospital in Lanarkshire.

The gardens will sit amongst several existing mature trees and are conceived as a both simple entrance courtyard to the west and a shady woodland garden to the east.

Both gardens are enclosed by a perforated brick boundary wall which extends from the building, an elegant single story brick structure.

The landscape is intended to flow into and through the building with internal planted courtyards and simple external spaces integrated into the heart of the centre. Equally water has an continuous presence with the landscape in the form of a simple rill in the entrance courtyard and a still reflecting pool which terminates the west garden.

Client: Maggie's Cancer Care Centres

Completion due: 2012



Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres