Peninne Lancashire Squared

International Design Competition Shortlisted Entry

Pennine Lancashire Squared is a multi-site international design competition which aims to develop six unique, high-profile public spaces in six of the towns of Pennine Lancashire.  Our team, which included Graeme Massie Architects and Donald Urquhart was shortlisted for a site in Clitheroe.  The proposal sought to reinforce and enhance the medieval core of the town through the design of two new public spaces at either end of Castle Street, the principal street in the town. 

Castle Square acts as a link from the town to the castle and comprises a generous flight of steps and an elevated space from which to view the town. 

Market Place reclaims the traditional market space from buses and traffic and introduces a subtly floating platform for seating and events.

Client: Elevate

Status: shorlisted



Peninne Lancashire Squared